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To make bookings for accomodation

1. Write to Losang at amdolosang@hotmail.com

2. Mobile/ WeChat ID: +86 1390 941 9888

3. Phone/fax us at the numbers below.

4. For Group Discounts, write to Losang.

5. Click icons below to go to the Booking.com  and TripAdvisor website.


O T Travels & Tours is our very own government licensed travel company. We work with free-independent-travelers (FITS) and tour groups alike. We arrange jeeps, private buses, taxis, train reservations and domestic flight reservations. We also do tours to many other parts of China.

Address of Hotel & Tour Agency: Ren Min Xi Jie 77 Hao, Xiahe, Province Gansu, China
Email: amdolosang@hotmail.com
Phone: +86 (941) 712 2642
Fax: +86 (941) 712 1872
Mobile/Wechat ID: +86 1390 941 9888 Losang